About us

The Auction House Schwab was founded by Robert Schwab in 2008. By now it has become a well-known institution to traders, as well as national and international collectors. Robert Schwab has a degree in business administration and is state certificated auctioneer. He works in the art & antique business since 25 years and is assisted by a team of art historians and specialists.

Offered objects will be appraised and valued totally free of charge and without any obligation to sell them. If requested we decide whether they are suitable for an auction or not. Our aim is to find forgotten treasures and to achieve the best price possible.

With up to eight international auctions of art & antiques and about 10.000 objects (porcelain, glass, watches, jewellery, silver, paintings, etc.) per year we are the biggest auction house of art & antiques in Mannheim. The objects of our auctions are purchased by collectors, museums and merchants from all over the world.

Our consignors are collectors who want to sell some of their objects, heirs who have to classify and value households of passed away relatives and also seniors who downsize and move into smaller homes and therefore, have to sell some of their treasures.

If you have any questions or just like to get to know us, do not hesitate to contact us and visit us in Mannheim. Our team is looking forward to meet you in person!